“Nicole is absolutely wonderful! It has been beneficial and an absolute pleasure to have worked with her for the past five years. I am an athlete with cervical spine degeneration, which often leads to tension and discomfort throughout my neck, upper back and shoulder. Nicole is able to substantively ease my pain and blockages. She is furthermore able to convey a calm, positive energy that is both centering and invigorating. Thank you Nicole!”‚Äč


- Sasha

Nicole is a fabulous massage therapist! I ALWAYS see results after I have spent time with her and over the past year she has made my life so much better!! I happily recommend her to anyone.”


- Myla

“Nicole was incredible! I came in with trouble in my rhomboid/erector and she straightened me out quickly, efficiently, and with as little discomfort as possible. Her professionalism, knowledge, touch and personality made me thoroughly trust her. Later that night, i also had a large emotional release which no doubt was connected to releasing the pain in my back. I cannot recommend her enough!"


- Emily



"Loved my prenatal massage. Nicole was amazing, helping to relieve a lot of tension in my hips. She created a calm environment and really listened to my (and my body's) needs."


- Casey

“Nicole is truly amazing, she is extremely intuitive with your body and is very calming also. I highly recommend her for pre-natal massage!"


- Stefanie

“Nicole's hands exude confidence, skill and intuition. She put my mind at ease instantly and it was amazing to experience how my body responded, releasing tension that had been built up for years. She took the time to really hear what I’d like to work on and brought immediate relief to those areas."


- Carol F.

“I'm a regular when it comes to massage, and Nicole is the best I've worked with - I don't know how she gets the pressure and relief she does without any crippling soreness afterward. After one session, I booked services every week until my due date, and look forward to working with her afterward as well."


- Rinee T.

"Just one massage with Nicole during my pregnancy got rid of a months-long ache that nothing else took care of. I recently went back to her for a postnatal problem, and she was so knowledgeable and happy to teach me how to care for myself when she's not around. Highly recommended."


- Liz S.

“I am so lucky to have found Nicole during this time of pregnancy. I really needed someone who could find the aches, strains and knots in my body and relief me from it and put me in a deep state of bliss for that hour and rejuvenated after. Nicole not only has the technique to do that but also the force and the intuition. I will continue going to her till as long as I can as she has become an essential part of my week. And she has also gotten my husband hooked.. He has a stressful job and he has found immense relaxation in her massages. Nicole, you really have a gift ! Thank you !!"


- Payal B.

“Having had pre-natal and postpartum massages from Nicole, I recommend her 100%. Her knowledge of not only massage but of holistic living in general were of great benefit to me during and after my pregnancy. She is always very professional and caring about how you are feeling. I always left the massage appointment feeling relaxed and re-freshed. Nicole listened to what was bothering me and would focus on that particular area but never forgetting to keep the whole body aligned. She is perhaps the best massage therapist that I have visited in NYC and you won't regret making an appointment."


- Aleesa R.

"Thank you thank you thank you a trillion million times over for the incredible massage yesterday. I feel so much better and the curvature in my lower back has completely shifted. I did some stretching and upper body work today and felt great- tomorrow I'll hopefully be back in ballet class where I will really feel the difference. I'm so excited to have you as my doula- I already knew on the phone we were a great match- but meeting you in person was even better. Thank you so much for being such an integral part of my pregnancy.”


- Kara T.

“One of the most comprehensive and healing visits I've ever had. Best massage. Worth every dollar! She is also a birth doula."


- Simone M.

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