What is good for YOU is good for baby.


Pregnancy is a time of change physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Allow us to support you in transitioning into motherhood. Are you experiencing tension in your neck and head, shoulders, wrists, and hands, ribcage pain, lower back, hip pain, or swelling in your legs, ankles, and feet? Or simply, perhaps you need a quiet place for deep listening and nurturing touch?


Bring your Self home to your body. Soften your nervous system, reduce muscle tension and achiness; and improve circulation of blood and lymph flow. Optimal circulation enhances your uterine blood supply for the health of your baby.


This therapeutic massage provides focused individualized attention to your needs. This is not a “spa massage”. This is an outcome-based therapeutic session.


You can receive prenatal bodywork throughout pregnancy into labor and postpartum, so long as you are wanting to be touched. If you have any concerns or doubts about receiving a massage, please consult with your doctor or midwife for the green-light.


Let’s Get Things Moving


The word out on the street would call this session an alternative “induction massage”. Though ultimately, your baby will come when your baby is ready. So in the meantime, while you wait, let’s release tension, guide your baby in an optimal position to engage in your pelvis, invite your body to respond to Acupressure and Reflexology, and if there’s anything holding you back let’s release any blocks and encourage the movement of your energy so you can soften into your process.


Prenatal Massage NYC


Receive the benefits of prenatal therapeutic bodywork in the hands of a doula and childbirth educator. Be nurtured and supported through the knowns and unknowns of your perinatal process. BONUS* Studies show that the use of Prenatal Massage throughout pregnancy may result in decreased postpartum depression.

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“Rarely does a day go by that we do not thank our lucky stars that we had Nicole Libschik as our doula. My husband and I were prepared for a natural childbirth, but we felt we needed that extra bit of support and knowledge that a doula has. Nicole was warm and energetic during our prenatal meetings, taking time to listen to our questions, noting our concerns and preferences, and understanding our desires for this birth. When my labor began, she smoothed the transition from home to hospital. I was a stalwart and resolute laborer, often laughing at and not complying with the requests of the hospital staff. Nicole was a calm but determined bouncer between me and the staff, making sure they allowed me to labor my way and coaxing me to comply with the more gentle demands. She did not leave my side as I labored in the waiting room of the maternity ward, as the staff did not believe I was far enough advanced in labor to be admitted. She helped my husband keep me calm and stay calm himself in the very unusual situation. She was ever the cheerleader as I pushed my son into this world. In the end, I had the birth that I wanted - absolutely drug free. Nicole is a wonderful doula and a great person. I am doubtless that she will bring comfort to many more women.”



- Sofiya


"To have Nicole Libschik as my doula was absolutely priceless. I was fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Nicole during my first pregnancy. Not only is she super knowledgeable in her craft, but she is a soothing massage therapist that helped work wonders through my contractions. My intention was to have a drug free birth. Thanks to Nicole for guiding myself and my husband through labor and delivery, my goal was achieved. I could not have done it without her guidance, patience, support, strength, and calming effect. I could not recommend her enough!"



- Samantha

Postpartum Therapeutic Massage


Postpartum care is not a luxury—it is a necessity. A cared-for Mother is a cared-for Family.

Reset from the stresses of labor and delivery; relieve the tension in your neck, arms, wrists, and back from the high demands of holding and feeding your newborn; remedy anxiety or depression; or move retained fluids from medical interventions. Calm your nervous system to a deeply calm state and sleep better. This session is about nurturing YOU through the physiological process of transitioning into Motherhood. 


When investing in a package of four or eight sessions, you will receive a closing the bones ritual complimentary following one of your sessions. This is a sealing ceremony in which you are wrapped and held and accompanied with Reiki energy to honor you and your transition through Maiden into Motherhood.


Cesarean Scar Care


Massage and heat therapy help stimulate the skin and encourage blood flow, which encourages cellular growth and gradually fades scars. If you’ve given birth by cesarean and your incision has healed and closed well, typically about six weeks, we offer Cesarean Scar Care as an add-on when you schedule a 60-minute Postpartum Therapeutic Massage.

* You can receive postpartum massage as early as you feel comfortable. If you experienced medical complications or have any doubt, consult with your healthcare provider.


* Request a gift certificate for postpartum massage as a baby shower gift. You’ll be happy you did!


* Due to the current pandemic, we are not making home-visits at this time‚Äč

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