Health & Well-Being Coaching


Do you want to rewire your brain from that one thing that keeps you from feeling your best?

Do you want to override a habit to effectively impact all parts of you, your family, and your community?

Do you want an accountability partner to prune things down into realistic tiny steps for sustainable change?

Allow me to be your coach using a

WHOLE PERSON APPROACH— we look at an overview of each aspect of your life that impacts your health and well-being.

CLIENT DRIVEN PATH— because we all come from different data points that make us who we are. YOU are the expert of your life and your inner wisdom drives the process.


PROGRESS-ORIENTED GOAL SETTING— based on intention, your focused-attention, and process with your well-being in mind.

PARTNERSHIP— as your health and well-being coach you are witnessed. I meet you where you’re at; ask questions, listen deeply, keep you on track, hold you accountable with care, and acknowledge the micro and macro shifts along the way. 



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